Hohner Special 20 Harmonica - 400912600600
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Hohner Special 20 Harmonica

UPC:416000336108, 4009126006556, 400912600631, 400912662691, 400912600624, 400912600600, 400912662752, 400912662653, 400912662738, 400912662745
Manufacturer #:560PBXG, 560PBX-G, 560PBXF#, 560PBXF, 560PBXEB, 560PBXE, 560PBX-E, 560PBXC#, 560PBXD, 560BX-D, 560PBXC, 560PBX-C, 560PBXBB, HH560BF, HH560B, 560PBX-B, HH560AF, 560PBXA, 560PBX-A
Sku:HH560HG, HH560G, HH560FS, HH560F, HH560EF, HH560E, HH560DF, HH560D, HH560C, HH560BF, HH560B, HH560AF, HH560A

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The Special 20 is HOHNERs all-purpose workhorse, one of the most reliable and popular diatonics on the market. The reed plates are set into recesses in the injection moulded plastic comb, creating a projecting mouthpiece which offers unparalleled playing comfort. Rounded covers without side vents give a warm, powerful tone which has made the Special 20 a favourite among rock and country players as well as blues musicians, with a rich chord sound thanks to the traditional HOHNER tuning. A great harp out of the box!

  • Injection moulded plastic comb w. projecting mouthpiece for added playing comfort
  • Stainless steel covers w. closed sides
  • 20 Classic reeds
  • Recessed 0.9 mm brass reed plates, mounted w. screws
  • Replacement reed plates available
  • Traditional HOHNER tuning
  • Exceptionally airtight
  • Available in all major keys plus special tunings
  • Handmade