Hohner Marine Band Harmonica - 400912600129
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Hohner Marine Band Harmonica

UPC:4009126102328, 400912600174, 400912600167, 4009126102274, 400912600129, 4009126002112
Manufacturer #:1896BXG, 1896BX-G, 1896BX-F#, 1896BX-F, HH1896F, 1896BXEB, HH1896E, 1896BX-C#, HH1896D, 1896BXC, 1896BXBB, HH1896BF, 1896BXB, 1896BXG#, 1896BX-A
Sku:HH1896G, HH1896FS, HH1896F, HH1896EF, HH1896E, HH1896DF, HH1896D, HH1896C, HH1896BF, HH1896B, HH1896AF, HH1896A

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  • Pearwood comb
  • Arched stainless steel covers with side vents, nailed
  • Classic reeds, 0.9 mm brass reed plates, mounted with nails
  • Single laquered pearwood comb
  • Traditional HOHNER tuning
  • Available in all major keys plus special tunings
  • Handmade