Gold Tone GM-6 A-Style Mando-Guitar Late 2010s Tobacco Sunburst Floor Model - 875116002398
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Gold Tone GM-6 A-Style Mando-Guitar Late 2010s Tobacco Sunburst Floor Model


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Ideal for guitarists that want to add a sparkling high voice to their sound pallets, the mandolin guitar joins an octave-guitar neck (like a guitar that starts at the twelfth fret) to a mandolin body. The GM-6 is our most economical mando-guitar, and it's wonderful for strumming or chopping rhythm in the hands of a lead singer or as a doubling instrument for any bandmate. It's great for sparkling leads, too! The GM-6's radiused fretboard and wider neck allow for easier fingering than on the narrow neck found on a similar instrument we've seen selling for over $ 2,000!

This Late 2010s Gold Tone GM-6 A-Style Mando-Guitar is in Excellent condition, a floor model in our climate-controlled collection, with extremely light wear consistent with age and occasional demo use. Tiny amount of tuner lift visible at lowest strings (pictured), professionally evaluated as stable, does not affect performance or functionality. 

All instruments from the Old Town School Music Store are professionally inspected and set-up before shipping, and directly support our missions, programs, and continued growth. 

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