Furch Green D-CM Western Red Cedar/African Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic Sunburst w/Hard Case
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Furch Green D-CM Western Red Cedar/African Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic Sunburst w/Hard Case

Manufacturer #:GR-D-SM-SB

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Furch Green CM guitars have a soundboard made from carefully selected high-grade western red cedar and high-quality African mahogany back and sides. The body is protected, and at the same time adorned, by our proprietary Full-Pore Finish designed to enhance the resonance qualities of tonewoods. The soundboard features Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish, and the back and sides are protected by Full-Pore Satin Finish. This combination of finishes and tonewoods produces a rich sound across the entire tonal range with pronounced lows.

The premium nature of the Green CM is underscored by the fact that the soundboard is individually tuned using the voicing process, which enhances the guitar’s tonal properties to the highest level. Thanks to that, the Green CM has a crystalline clear, harmonically rich, balanced, and highly dynamic sound across the entire tonal spectrum.

The instrument is protected by our proprietary Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish, which has been developed to enhance the guitar’s tonal qualities. The finish consists of an ultrathin layer of highly resistant lacquer that provides excellent surface protection and accentuates the structure of the wood at the same time.

A high precision, dual-action truss rod maintains neck stability and allows for fine adjustment of the neck relief, bilaterally. The truss rod is housed in a highly rigid carbon casing which enables a very smooth and controlled neck relief, ensuring the best playability and enduring optimal setup.

All instruments from the Old Town School Music Store are professionally inspected and set-up before shipping, and directly support the missions, programs, and continued growth of the Old Town School of Folk Music.

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