Pilsner Urquell Promotional Solid Body HSS Electric Guitar Early 2000s Beer Sunburst
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Pilsner Urquell Promotional Solid Body HSS Electric Guitar Early 2000s Beer Sunburst


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Crisp! Refreshing! Full-bodied! Alright, we'll come clean. Our crew hasn't actually tried much Pilsner Urquell, but if this early 2000s promotional solid body HSS electric guitar is any indication, the Urquell shreds *surprisingly* hard. Jackson-inspired features like a fast, slim rosewood fingerboard with wedge inlays and low, smooth action, versatile HSS pickups, and the familiar in-hand response of a bolt-on maple neck definitely keep this solid body a cut above your average beer-themed instrument. We're not really sure what the target demographic for a lovingly used Pilsner Urquell Jackson homage might be, so honestly, this one is priced to get back in the hands of a player who's ready to have fun with it, and maybe let us know! Cheers, friends! 

This Early 2000s Pilsner Urquell Promotional Solid Body HSS Electric Guitar is in Good condition, fully functional with visible wear consistent with age and consistent live use, including a large visible impact on the bass-side cutaway (pictured) and a few other small visible dings throughout (pictured). Does not include tremolo arm. Does not include case.

All instruments from the Old Town School Music Store are professionally inspected and set-up before shipping, and directly support our missions, programs, and continued growth. 

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