1999 Cole RCA5 A-Style Mandolin - Made in U.S.A.
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1999 Cole RCA5 A-Style Mandolin - Made in U.S.A.


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This early 1999 Cole RCA5 A-Style Mandolin still sounds great and plays smoothly.

Generally in very  good shape with a few minor blemishes. There appear to be some finish cracks 
at the neck joint on one side of the instrument, but we believe there are no underlying structural issues
causing this. 

The top is a  Spruce sunburst top with flame maple back and sides.  

Below the bridge the strings run very close to the belly of the instrument. This is likely in part due to the high arched 
construction of the instrument in conjunction with the break angle produced by the current tailpiece. 

This RCA5 was made in the USA in Filer, Idaho. 
Comes with a hard shell case.