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 Before they are even able to walk, The Old Town School engages kids in Wiggleworms classes, the early childhood backbone of the children's music program. In the store we have the same philosophy, get kids playing instruments and starting their musical journey as early as possible. Whether it is a simple shaker, a kazoo, or a child's first ukulele or guitar, we can help suggest the best instrument to get your Wiggleworm playing and singing at any age.


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Dobani Frog Rasp Large


Green Tones Boat Whistle


Makala Soprano Shark Ukulele


Music Makers Music Box


Nanoblock Drum Set Blue


Nanoblock Electric Bass Guitar


Nanoblock Electric Guitar Red


Nanoblock Grand Piano Black


Nanoblock Synthesizer


Nanoblock Violin


Ocarina Red Plastic


Original Tin Kazoo


Schylling Mini Red Piano


Stagg C505 1/4 Size Classical Guitar


Stagg C510 1/2 Size Classical Guitar


Stagg C530 3/4 Size Classical Guitar