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An Introduction to Classics to Moderns

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Contents: Dudelsack (Unknown) • Old German Dance (Praetorius) • Curtain Raiser (Turk) • Carefree (Turk) • Roundelay (Von der Hofe) • Echo Dance (Philip Hainhofer) • Allemand (Praetorius) • Gavotte (Handel) • Minuet (Reinagle) • Scherzino (Reinagle) • Etude Melodique (Martin) • Bagatelle (Diabelli) • Minuetto (Hook) • Duettino (Attwood) • Song in Parallel Motion (Kohler) • Two Little Inventions (Jan Jakub Ryba) • Quadrille (Haydn) • Little Suite (Wohlfahrt) • Two Little Canons (Spindler) • The Wayside Rose (Kohl) • Bear Dance (Schumann) • Contredanse (Wohlfahrt) • Pass in Review (Gurlitt) • Evening Song (Chovan) • Morning Call (Chovan) • Hungarian Play Tune (Bartalus) • Canzonetta (Horvath) • Russian Dance (Goedicke) • Black Key Frolic (Gnessina) • Promenade (Gnessina) • Ukrainian Folk Tune (Kabalevsky) • Little Polka (Kabalevsky) • Cradle Song (Kabalevsky) • Spring Song (Bartok) • Dialogue (Bartok) • Fanfare (Agay) • Galloping Home (Kalmanoff)