Field Notes 3-Pack - Group Eleven Memo Book
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Field Notes 3-Pack - Group Eleven Memo Book

This Field Notes Quarterly limited edition gets its name from the position of the elements copper, silver, and gold in the Periodic Table. “Group Eleven” features three standard Dot-Graph Memo Books. But aside from the size, there’s not much standard about them.

Fnc45 All3B K
Fnc45 Foil1

Stylish and refined, each book in the 3-Pack represents one of the three precious metals and features a cover stamped in dot-grid in matching metallic ink.

Fnc45 Staples

“Group Eleven**” plays the shimmering colors of these three “native metals” off of the elegant white covers in a way that feels rich without being ostentatious. They’re tastefully fit for Winter, especially for list-making and gift giving.