Northfield Pine Cork-lined Neck Rest—Tall
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Northfield Pine Cork-lined Neck Rest—Tall

Lately, we’ve been trying to turn practical items we’ve made for our shops into long-lasting accessories we can offer to all of you. Based on a tried and true design that has been a staple in many workshops for decades, this neck rest version is our interpretation of what an instrument companion needs to be.

Reliable, durable, easy to use.

Made in two sizes for various instruments, the Northfield Neck Rest makes regular maintenance like string changing, fret dressing, and the like very convenient. Set it on a benchtop, kitchen table, or on the floor in your hotel room before a gig (many, many times)... you know what we mean. It’ll get the job done.

Made from highly sustainable and fast-growing pine. Resilient, organic, and attractive without using up the precious hardwoods we use on our instruments.

Neck rest portion lined with cork for a protective yet firm action. Does not compress like foam. Contains no tannins found in leather. No plastic.

And.. the cradle will rock.

Tall: acoustic guitar, mandocello, Archtop guitar, octave mandolin.


Neck width 2”

Height 3.3”

Length 5.8”

Weight 11.3 oz

All instruments from the Old Town School Music Store are professionally inspected and set-up before shipping, and directly support the missions, programs, and continued growth of the Old Town School of Folk Music.

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