Rico Reserve Classic Alto Sax Strength 3.0+ - 046716579430
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Rico Reserve Classic Alto Sax Strength 3.0+

Info from Manufacturer: Reserve Classic, Rico's most revolutionary cut, is filed and featurse a thicker spine and blank allowing for even registral changes and great flexibility. With thinner rails, Reserve Classic reeds enable greater ease of low register response. They are made from lower-internode cane, which comes from the first four tubes of the cane stalk, yielding greater consistency from reed to reed. Reserve Classic reeds have quickly become the choice of today's classical concert saxophonists. Thicker blank for a more resonant sound Filed for flexibility and fast response Like the Reserve line, uses only the densest, lower-internode cane for longer durability and consistency Offered in boxes of 10 Available in half strengths, from 2.0 to 4.5, with a special 3.0+ size