Quantum Instrument Cable 15' Gray/Red Cloth Greyful Red
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Quantum Instrument Cable 15' Gray/Red Cloth "Greyful Red"

The new CSQI series of oxygen-free cloth jacketed instrument cables offer the utmost in reliability as well as phenomenal audio clarity for those players with a discerning ear. The CSQI series cables incorporate our oxygen-free, low capacitance Q-2100 cable and hand- soldered G & H brand connectors to provide a cable that sets a new standard for cloth jacketed instrument cables. Available in ten different colors / patterns. As with all of our Quantum instrument cables, a multitude of connector options are offered which include nickel or black connector barrels with nickel, or gold plated plugs. As to maximize the cable?s visual appeal, we have developed a set of recommended connector configurations which we deem to be the ?Standard configuration? for each of the different cloth patterns. A listing of the recommended connector configurations and the pattern codes, used to specify the desired pattern when ordering, are listed below.