Old Town School of Folk Music Instrument Rental Agreement
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Old Town School of Folk Music Instrument Rental Agreement 

The renter accepts the following terms and conditions for the duration of the rental:

  • Renter authorizes Old Town School to charge their credit card on file $33/month on same calendar day each month, and confirms that billing information is complete and current. Renter acknowledges monthly recurring payment may be cancelled by returning instrument, in person, to our 4544 N Lincoln Ave. storefront. 
  • Renter is solely responsible for damage, loss or theft of the instrument. If the instrument is found to have structural damage upon its return inconsistent with appropriate use, the renter is responsible for either the repair or replacement of the instrument.
  • Renter is responsible for returning the instrument in its original, as-rented condition. In the event of a failed monthly auto-debit, $15/week fee will be applied to account until instrument is returned or billing card on file is updated.
  • Credit towards purchase: 60% of renter's first four $33 rental fees (approximately $80) may be credited towards purchase of a like instrument at Old Town School Music Store. For example, if an acoustic guitar has been rented for six months, upon return, 60% of the only the first four $33 monthly payments may be applied towards purchase of a new acoustic guitar from our current inventory. Rental Credit must be used within one year of last rental period.

Questions? We're here to help! Contact us at rentals@oldtownschool.org